SR 99 off-ramp demolished
SR 99 off-ramp demolished, photo from WSDO

If you like images of road destruction – or you like construction photos – you might enjoy this photo series from WSDOT of the First Avenue On-ramp to SR-99 demolition.

23 Replies to “SR 99 On Ramp Demolition Photos”

  1. But wait!!

    That was my way to get from the Pyramid Ale House to El Gaucho in under 3 minutes!!!

    I have a constitutional right to get from LoDo to Belltown in under 5 minutes, right??

      1. I’d be worried about anyone going to the Pyramid Ale House. Clearly they got lost on the way to the Elysian.

  2. So, how is traffic moving along down there now?

    “I have a constitutional right to get from LoDo to Belltown in under 5 minutes, right??” Typical rationale for spending $600 million per mile for U-Link, just substituting U-Dub to Capitol Hill for LoDo to Belltown.

      1. Au contraire, folks, this is the crux of Norman’s beliefs, and the ultimate goal of most of the anti-rail brigade*: deny urban areas high-quality transit to prevent them growing more dense and force people into car-dependent suburbs.

        * I’m not sure of the collective noun for “dinosaurs” offhand.

      1. DEstruction – I’ve been waiting for this day for 40 years. Now, no NEW CONstruction, please – just clean up your mess and head on home – there’s a good DOT!

  3. Maybe they can pile the debris on top of the Kingdome rubble pile, nobody voted for either.

    1. Is there some way we can keep paying for some costs related to the demolished on-ramp the same way we are still paying off the debt to fix the Kingdome roof tiles?

      1. Easy, plunge the state into massive deficits and bond the crap out of everything for the next generation to deal with.

  4. Ok, I’m thoroughly confused…why are we building new off and onramps from a freeway that’s about to be torn down?

    1. These are the “moving forward” projects which are the same no matter what is done downtown.

      1. That’s what I heard, but I still don’t get it. We’re really having on-ramps to a downtown viaduct no matter what happens? The renderings of the tunnel entrance I’ve seen looks like it goes right where they’re building.

      2. Ok, check out the simulation here (click on the numbers at the top). They’re effectively rebuilding the on/off ramps to accomodate all viaduct traffic in order to demolish a tiny segment of the viaduct in 2012.

        Of course it’s a little false to say it’s “the same” no matter what option is chosen. This is all temporary work that will soon be demolished under any scenario.

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