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Snohomish County riders will get a chance to testify before the CT Board next Thursday during a public hearing for its 2012 System change.  As we’ve previously reported, CT is considering three major restructure alternatives that would impact just about all riders in the system.  The alternatives range from keeping the existing structure with drastic cuts to a complete restructure of routes and service levels.

According to a CT press release, it sounds like a good number of attendees are anticipated:

The public hearing will take place following a regular board of directors meeting, which will begin at 4 p.m. At the regular meeting, the board will discuss a fuel risk management policy, which could allow the agency to save money on future fuel purchases. The meeting and hearing were moved from the usual board meeting location because the Community Transit Board Room has space for only about 40 people.

Community Transit plans to cut 80,000 hours – about 20 percent of its service – in February 2012. Earlier this month, Snohomish county’stransit provider unveiled three service alternatives to the public and began to collect input. Riders have responded by filling out nearly 1,300 online comment cards. All comments will be provided to board members as they consider a final service plan.

The hearing will take place 5pm next Thursday, July 7th, at the Rosehill Community Center.  The Board will hear every last comment so if you feel strongly about any of the alternatives, this might be the place to be that night.  Online comments are also being accepted through July 11th.

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  1. None of the alternatives include adding a quarter to the fares. If I transfer to ST I pay more than $1.75, if I transfer to Metro I pay more than $1.75, if I pay cash I pay $2 so might as well make the fare $2 and then see where we’re at.

    1. If fare simplification is a regional goal, then raise the local fare to $2.25, to match Metro’s, and throw in an extra 25-cent surcharge for paying with cash. Having bus service at all is a bigger social justice issue than making buses more affordable to ride by having fewer of them.

      Also, follow Kitsap County’s lead in only accepting fare loaded onto RRFPs, and otherwise charge the full price.

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