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With serious cuts to transit and transportation proposed at the federal level, various national organizations have banded together to form ‘Don’t X Out Public Transit’ – a campaign to rally against cuts and support federal investment in transit.  Some of the organizations include heavy hitters, like Reconnecting America, Amalgamated Transit Union, and American Public Transportation Association.

Tomorrow is the official ‘Don’t X Out Public Transit’ day, with a few things you can help out with:

Get involved by taking action on September 20 and telling Congress that now is the time to invest in public transportation infrastructure! Now is not the time for cuts.

In addition to taking the above actions, tell us why public transit is so important to you. Share your transit story of about 500 words with us by e-mailing us at dontx.publictransit @ gmail dot com. We may post your story here.

While there won’t be any rallies here, the Seattle Transit Riders’ Union will be out and about handing out promotional materials so be sure to say hi if you see them around.

4 Replies to “Tomorrow is ‘Don’t X Out Public Transit’ Day”

  1. Has anyone heard of the ‘Seattle Transit Riders Union’?
    Clicking on the ‘attend an event near you’ tab only brings up a name, with nothing else. Apparently they had a meeting a few years ago, but google can’t link up to an organization as such.
    One day notice to ramp up a campaign is kinda last minute.

    1. I’m guessing it was probably the leaders of the Save Our Metro campaign–I’ve offered the ‘Transit Riders Union’ name to their leadership team, and we’re in the process of integrating our resources at this time.

  2. deat congrsss i can not efford transit be cut. i take pvta in springfield mass. i need public transit for medial reasonw why do not have or get license. you are not look for people who can not get license poeple efford have car at this time. what are plan too when can not work because there public ttansit do ever care about that what people with disablity congrass care about them what they need all congress is cut this out keep budget under control do not care who hurt

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