If you’d like to delve further into the details of what some candidates told us they believe about transit. In each of these races, we sent questionnaires to all the participants; what you see is what we got back.

Receiving these responses obviously filled out our understanding of these candidates, but of course we also drew on their voters’ guide statements, press reports, responses to the Transit Riders’ Union, and for incumbents, their record in office.

Beware: the file formats vary based on what they sent back to us.

King County Council

Richard Mitchell

Seattle City Council

Bruce Harrell, Brad Meacham, Tom Rasmussen, Tim Burgess, Sally Clark

Bellevue City Council 

John Stokes, John Chelminiak

6 Replies to “STB Endorsement Questionnaires”

  1. Could the questionnaire’s authors explain what the first question in the Sound Transit section is getting at:

    “1. Which statement do you agree with more:
    ____ Sound Transit must prioritize satisfying local governments and neighborhoods.
    ____ Sound Transit must be extremely conservative about approving increases in scope.”

    I’m having a hard time understanding which tradeoffs are being referenced. Which past, current, or prospective ST decisions, projects, or roles would one change based on the answer to this question? Is this in regards to issues like the possible East Link Bellevue tunnel, where local governments want to add infrastructure that doesn’t have existing ST funding? Is this about coordinating responsibility for planning, funding, and operating future light rail & streetcar lines within the city of Seattle?

    1. Bellevue is the most salient example, but municipalities will often argue for more mitigation expenses: noise reduction, ROW beautification, grade separation of particular crossings, and so on.

      In the most extreme cases, this can mean an alignment change like B7. But the point is that ST can either buy off these interest groups or take the heat and not spend the money. The Aloha Streetcar extension is another example.

      “Coordinating responsibility” doesn’t necessarily trade off against money.

      1. I’m a bit disappointed at that, I thought she was fairly responsive to STB.

        OTOH her public record is fairly clear and answers a majority of the questions.

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