King County Metro 75 in Northgate TC
Photo by Flikr user mSeattle

Tonight, from 6:00 to 8:30 PM, Seattle DPD is hosting a public open house for the design study of the Northgate station area. This project is focused on what the city can do to help create a vibrant, dense, welcoming and sustainable urban neighborhood centered on the future Northgate light rail station, with good bus, bike and pedestrian connections to the surrounding neighborhoods. STB has previously covered these DPD meetings and ST’s station design open houses.

This kind of open-format meeting connects neighbors, current business owners, city and transit planners, and potential future residents; it’s a great way to interact with and influence the thinking of these stakeholders, and it’s precisely the kind of dialogue that needs to happen to avoid another Roosevelt debacle. I will be there, and I encourage STB readers to join me.

UPDATE: And if I weren’t going to Northgate tonight, I’d be at the Wallingford Neighborhood Greenway meeting.

4 Replies to “Tonight: Northgate Station Area Community Design Study”

    1. Sure, I’ll be at CPS @ 5:30 and I’ll take the next 41 that I can physically fit on after that.

    2. This doc suggests PSRC may be putting some funding towards the ped bridge? page 7

      Pity the image is so reduced in resolution.

      Not shocked to see this is bullet point #1 for the DPD presentation:
      “Lower to moderate scale preferred”
      Not a fan of anything called “Creek Street.”

      1. You should come to the meeting and tell DPD that.

        Although, it’s interesting that “moderate scale” slide has a photo of SLU; SLU shows we can put a lot of people and jobs into “moderate scale” with the right zoning.

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