Ghost Billboard
Ghost Billboard by Lead Pencil Studio, near the Canadian border. Photo by flickr user MightyMoss

Sound Transit is holding a “meet the artist” event Friday for Lead Pencil Studio, the team selected to provide public art for the Brooklyn station.

February 17, 2012
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Henry Art Gallery auditorium
University of Washington
15th Ave NE and NE Campus Pkwy

From Sound Transit:

Lead Pencil Studio was commissioned through a national call-to-artists
process, organized by STart, Sound Transit public art
program. The artists will discuss their previous work and how they
will prepare for creating public art at Sound Transit’s future Brooklyn
Link light rail station in Seattle’s University District.
Meet the artist:
Lead Pencil Studio creates an interdisciplinary overlap of architecture
and site-specific art. With training in ceramics, photography,
sculpture and drawing as well as architecture, Han and Mihalyo
explore spatial conditions in the built environment. Lead Pencil
Studio recently completed the empty billboard sculpture in Peace
Arch Park on the Canadian border.

7 Replies to “Meet the Artist Event for Brooklyn Station”

  1. Thanks for the notice. Will definitely be there. From the beginning of the Downtown Seattle Transit Project and ongoing, our system really did pioneering work in public art connected with transit.

    Most satisfying tribute is complaint over how much money we spent on the art. For one percent less, the whole line could have looked like a linear parking garage. On the other hand, really ticked over the decades-long waste of some beautiful things.

    The clocks at Westlake and Pioneer Square have mechanism for telling time. And the waterfall fountain at the northbound platform at CPS deserved to run for more than six months out of 21 years. Such things indicate an attitude symbolic of much else that needs correction.

    It’s important that people involved in transit, both passengers and operating personnel, get actively involved in the art program. Every art piece around a transit system is as much a work of mechanical engineering as it is artistic inspiration.

    Like everything else transit related, it needs to be able to retain both elegance and function in the face of considerable abuse. If the artwork looks like it won’t hold up to transit, the artists need to know.

    Mark Dublin

      1. The DSTT did get one media moment in a movie where Michael Douglas gets victimized by Demi Moore as an evil female co-worker. Characters headed for Colman Dock ride the 302, which was never in the Tunnel.

        Michael Douglas seemed to spend a lot of screen time being victimized by evil girls. Somehow his dad, Kirk Douglas, never seemed to get roles where he had that problem. Transportation- if not transit-related, Kirk Douglas was born with the name Issur Danielovich Demsky. His dad, Daniel, was a teamster, wagon, not truck, in Odessa, in Ukraine- which has an amazing trolleybus system.

        Like teamsters elsewhere, the Jewish wagondrivers there were legendary tough-guys, and especially known for their ability to invent the foulest curses in the Slavic languages. Kirk always said it was too bad the family got to California so late, because his father really was the greatest Hollywood character in the family.

        Mark Dublin

      2. aren’t the Subways in Fallout 3 just D.C.’s metro?

        btw I love Fallout New Vegas much better…

      3. Yes, that’s true of the fallout 3 subways, I was implying the condition, not the architecture.

    1. I got an email alert about that yesterday. “We are still working to reschedule the Meet the Artists event for Roosevelt Station, which was postponed last month due to snow.”

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