[List of Senators deleted upon request of Futurewise]

Over a week ago almost 100 organizations, including this one, signed a letter to Governor Gregoire urging her to sign the bill that given voters the option to preserve or restore the level of transit service in their communities.

Before that, though, the final (House) version of SB 6582 has to make it back through the Senate, which according to Futurewise is where it’s most at risk.

Let your Senator know what you think.

13 Replies to “Action Alert: Transit Funding in the Senate”

  1. I do not understand why this list of Senators was deleted, Martin.

    Can’t you please give us Seattle Transit Blog readers a hint?

    Yeah, they are GOP. What else would be new? Progressive GOP senators. Are they upset?

    1. I reprinted a Futurewise alert, then found out it wasn’t for public consumption and honored their request to take it down.

  2. Would also appreciate an explanation on this one. Don’t like the idea of any editor deleting anything to do with politics on anybody’s request.

    Meantime, though, internet works both ways. Senators’ contact info isn’t classified. Will e-mail Jeannette Kohl-Welles by tomorrow morning.

    Mark Dublin

      1. Unless I’m mistaken, Jeanne Kohl-Welles is already on board. E-mail more or less to thank her.

        Mark Dublin

    1. Thank you, but I know who my legislators are. Just curious why the previously posted list of GOP senators was deleted.

      1. Look up the roll call for when this first barely passed the Senate. If your senator is on the Nay list (and yours isn’t, Rod), then make time to see your senator face-to-face over the next few days.

  3. I have no insight into why Futurewise asked the list to be deleted, but I’d speculate that as a 501c3 they don’t want to be seen to be engaging in “grassroots lobbying” under the tax regulations (which they are allowed to do, but have to report on it).

  4. I suggest we push for HB-2100, a tax on financial assets above $1 M.

    This would restore some balance to the taxation mix and appropriately bill people according to their impacts.

  5. Mass transit should be funded by the people who use it. Quit freeloading. Pull your own weight.

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