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  1. quick question … someone was commenting on a previous post about how surprised they were at the 90′ approx. depth of the Roosevelt station.

    My question is how deep is the Pioneer Square station? The escalator to/from the east side of 3rd ave is extremely tall (and too narrow but that’s another issue entirely) … knowing that station’s depth would be helpful in visualizing how the Roosevelt station will be access-wise.

    1. If 90′ is too much, use the south entrance. It’s more than 20′ lower in elevation. It’s only like a seven story building if you take the stairs.

      1. that’s not the question … I wanted to know how deep Pioneer Sq station is

    1. The slides are what was shown at the open house during the presentation portion.

      1. I think the point Erik is making is that this presentation was made with video, not ‘slides’.

        I seem to remember once in the distant past having made a Powerpoint presentation with 35mm slides.

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