Before Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna square off for their gubernatorial debate tonight, Transportation for Washington (T4WA) will deliver thousands of petitions in favor of walking, bicycling, and transit, all signed by people like you.  The campaign is hoping to inject some more discussion about transportation choices into the race.  Although both candidates have weighed in on a potential statewide transportation package, their specifics have been mundane and largely unexciting to die-hard transit, bike, and ped advocates.

From T4WA:

All people deserve an opportunity to prosperity, and that starts with the ability to get to a job safely affordably.  Unfortunately, thus far in the campaign, walking, biking, and transit issues have been mostly left out of the gubernatorial race.  We hope the moderators and candidates will take these issues on during Thursday’s debate.

More and more Washingtonians are choosing to live in cities, drive less, and walk, bike and ride transit more. It’s time for gubernatorial leadership to champion balanced state transportation packages and budgets and to find state and local solutions to the financial struggles of transit agencies.

If your calendar is open tonight, head down to the KOMO news studios at Fisher Plaza at 8:15pm to witness the delivery in person.

One Reply to “T4WA to Deliver Petitions to Gubernatorial Candidates Tonight”

  1. Sadly the debate didn’t discuss transportation.

    One candidate actually had forward policy in McKenna.
    The other guy wanted Gregoire Term III, right down to the same “Lean Management” Gregoire is already rightfully doing:

    I do hope that a Governor Rob McKenna does respect local control both in the planning offices of our counties & cities as he has many a Mayoral endorsement but also at the ballot box as Governor. If not, it’s going to be a rough ride for my friend.

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