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Throughput the region, all transit agencies will operate Sunday schedules on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Schedules on the weekend of 28-29 December are unchanged. Aside from that, each agency’s revisions differ.

At Sound Transit, Link, Sounder, and ST Express will operate normally. The one exception is late Link trains for New Year’s celebrations:

Central Link light rail will operate on an extended schedule to accommodate holiday revelers. The last southbound Link train leaves Westlake at 1:13 a.m. and arrives at Sea-Tac Airport by 1:53 a.m. The last complete northbound trip from SeaTac leaves the station at 12:20 a.m. and arrives at Westlake by 12:58 a.m.

Tacoma Link light rail will also run on an extended schedule. The last Tacoma Link train from the Theater District Station will depart at 1:12 a.m. The last train to depart the Tacoma Dome leaves at 1:00 a.m.

From today through January 1st, Metro will be operating its “reduced weekday” and “No UW” schedules. Even on many extremely important routes, an “H” by a trip in the schedule indicates it will not operate for the next 7 days. OneBusAway warns that they do not have this schedule data, so tracking will be unreliable on the reduced weekdays (and today):

Community Transit has canceled most 400- and 800-series commuter buses on December 24th and 31st. The 402, 413, 421, and 855 will the only CT buses that serve Seattle on those two days. Local buses are operating normally.

Pierce Transit is running normal service.

10 Replies to “Reduced Service Over the Holiday; Late Trains”

  1. Sounder will be running game-day service Sunday for the Seahawks’ regular season finale.

    Metro will be operating game-day shuttles from and to Northgate TC, South Kirkland P&R, and Eastgate P&R. Fare for these shuttles is $4 each way, cash only, so the 41, 255, and 554 are cheaper, albeit less direct, alternatives making the same trip.

    Since the Seahawks haven’t clinched a home playoff game yet, we don’t know if it will feature Sounder service. It’s beginning to feel a lot like the end of the Sounders’ season.

  2. Too bad people living north of downtown don’t get any extra late-night service. But, still something.

  3. I went to new years at the needle last year and taking meto home was a pretty big fail. Several full #5 buses went past the group I was standing with before we were able to board (making us wait what seemed like multiple hours in quite cold weather — I didn’t actually record the wait lenght though).

    Due to the constrained number of taxis in town, there was no other option but to walk if you were impatient. Having a bicycle handy might have been nice…

    Is there some good reason why metro does not run extra buses when there are big events scheduled downtown? Is it just a funding issue? It seems like this problem would be Incredibly easy to predict.

  4. When using One Bus Away this morning, I noticed that some runs of the 358 had their time in black (so, it’s a “scheduled arrival” but there is no real-time data available) and some were in color. So I pulled up the schedule and sure enough, the buses with info in black were the runs that are canceled on holidays. And, the bus run that was in color (green, hooray!) arrived just when OBA said it would. I don’t know if this is universal for all routes, but at least for the 358, OBA is still useful if you know that the data in black is the inaccurate part.

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