Tomorrow I’ll be part of Metro cuts panel sponsored by Commute Seattle, along with County CM Larry Phillips and Sharebuilder President Dan Greenshields. It’ll start at noon at the 4th floor conference room of the 4th & Madison Building downtown. You can RSVP here.

The focus will be on how the success or failure of the revenue package will affect employers.

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  1. I’m curious, Joe. What other kinds of awakenings have people been getting for these last, say, forty years? Maybe reason people, particularly the young ones who are the key to saving our political system, have so little energy left to participate is that they’re just sleep-deprived.

    I’ll make it if I can, planning to make same comments as many times before on things King County, and Seattle can, and should long have been doing to make transit work more efficiently. Expect same blank stares as always from officials I comment to. But wouldn’t mind setting an example for better suggestions from others who aren’t so exhausted, discouraged, and plain worn out.

    Mark Dublin

  2. Looking forward to seeing this turd of a ballot measure crashing and burning. It’s unfortunate the only solution Constantine and the County Council can come up with to bail out Metro is a new tax on middle class motorists. Metro is so dysfunctional- it needs to fail, be re-org’d, have its budget cut- something. The answer cannot be to just throw more taxes and bailouts at it every few years. Especially ones as inequitable as the one Dow cooked up this time around.

    Vote NO on Proposition No. 1 in on the April 2014 ballot

    1. Not to mention that many bus riders are also middle class car owners who ride the bus to and from work for various reasons, so the car tab increase affects them as well. It’s not just bus riders vs. car owners.

    2. It was the state legislature that created these funding options. Requests to the legislature for a more progressive funding source have fallen on deaf ears.

  3. The county didn’t cook up these funding mechanisms. The state legislature did, and left no other options to the county.

    The executive and the county council went above and beyond by passing a low-income fare program and a car-tab rebate to defang the regressiveness of these funding mechanisms. But the bus haters will still hate.

    1. ramshackle, you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about.

      The ballot measure is to replace a temp patch job that was hinging on a state transportation package both political parties held up in Olympia.

      Perhaps since you like to blather, you will be or are a policy centre transportation analyst.

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