5 Replies to “Bellevue Hotel Project, Squandered Potential?”

  1. All of Bellevue is squandered potential. It’s either mammothly huge streets downtown or lollipop go-nowhere streets every where else. Hard problems to fix.

  2. Who is “They” in this post?

    If “They” is the City of Bellevue, I don’t think cities can (or should) mandate a minimum building size for a specific property.

    If “They” is the property owner, It is in the property owner’s best interest to make as much money off the property as possible. Why would they put in a 6 story hotel when a 30 story high rise would be more profitable? Of course, that wouldn’t make sense — it seems logical that the high rise you want on that block wouldn’t be as profitable as the hotel. Maybe they know the market better than you do.

    It is also off note that not every block in downtown Seattle is filled with gigantic skyscrapers. There are some lower buildings in the commercial business district. Given the crazy growth in downtown Bellevue, this is one project that isn’t as high as some of the others. It will be ok.

  3. I’ve stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Seattle North at least once a year since April 2011 and Hilton Garden Inns don’t function too well “to occupy a portion of a larger building.” Perhaps a different franchisee would be best for this develop, I don’t know. But I do know the Hilton Garden Inn is a good place to stay.

  4. It’s not really true that this site is “in the middle of a sea of high rises”. There are a few towers around, but many of the nearby building are mid-rise. It’s really a transitional area.

  5. I believe they are doing this to appease their condo and townhouse owners on the same superblock. They don’t want to block views and light to their residential tower just west of them. This property is all Wasatch owned, as I recall.

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