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Everett Transit Gillig Hybrid B0500
Everett Transit Gillig Hybrid B0500 by Wings777

Figured you’d want to know Everett Transit has a new website up and running. which used to be a clunky afterthought on the City of Everett’s webpage now has intuitive buttons to check fares, schedules, programs and even a Google Map of all their bus stops.

So go take out for a spin this wet weekend.  You’ll love it.

9 Replies to “North by Northwest 51: Everett Transit’s New Website”

  1. It’s a pretty good redesign, but the website is missing a custom favicon. The default one, provided by CivicPlus, is still there (as of noon).

  2. Does anybody know definitively why Everett Transit is not merged with Community Transit? Has the city considered it? Have Everett citizens said over my dead body? Is it afraid that most Everett routes would be deleted?

    1. Good questions. One day I’ll make time to look into it.

      Frankly, I’ve had enough dealings with Community Transit management where I feel just a tad better Everett Transit is independent. Hopefully the new CEO can win me over.

      1. The new CEO is just more of the same, he has been at ct for a long time. The existing management is very relieved he was selected so they don’t have to change at all. It would have been nice to see some new blood at the top.

      2. Let’s not past judgment so fast.

        This post’s focus is on Everett Transit and their new website.

    2. Everett Transit has Sunday service on some routes. That alone makes me glad that they never merged with CT.

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