Sound Transit is the twelfth man

Sound Transit is the 12th Man

Apparently, Sound Transit is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan. Link hasn’t opened yet and it’s already being the twelfth man (upper half). The new Sounder destination signs are proclaiming their support, too (lower half). There will be Sounder service to and from the last home game of the season tomorrow if weather doesn’t force any delays or cancellations . Come next year, we’ll welcome Link Light Rail as well as Seattle’s brand new Major League Soccer team, Seattle Sounders FC. Will we soon see a “Sounder to the Sounders” train?

Snow on Santa’s Lights Tour

After Santa's Lights Tour

Hi, my name is Oran. You have probably seen my work featured on STB numerous times. I would like to thank Andrew for giving me the opportunity to do “media blogging” for STB. Basically, I will post a photo or design with a caption. Let us know how you like it. Here’s the caption for the photo above:

“This is Seattle Transit System coach 724, a GM ‘New Look’ bus from 1968, at the end of MEHVA‘s annual Santa’s Lights Tour of stunning holiday light displays around Seattle. Snow began falling before we took off and Santa (yes Santa!) told us this was the first time it snowed on the tour in 20 years. It was an enjoyable ride and I highly recommend it but I cannot guarantee snow on that night next year. “