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Podcast: Election Results

[UPDATE: The livestream technology didn’t work out for us. You’ll hear the podcast in the morning. Sorry.]

Martin and I are going to try to do a live audio broadcast of the election results tonight, starting around 8:15pm PST.  Watch this space for details on how to listen.  If the live stream doesn’t work for whatever reason, we’ll make it available as a podcast tomorrow morning.

Want to participate? Leave a comment or shout at @fchi or @MartinDuke2 on Twitter.

Martin and I talk election results and Martin does an amazing job of picking the winners and the spreads.  Bring him next time you’re going to Vegas.  Seriously. We also discuss a Graham Street Link station and a Grand Bargain for Mercer Island.

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Podcast: Restructuring Bus Service for U-Link

With the proposed U-link restructures headed for council this week, I recorded a podcast with Zach and David to talk about the restructure, the history, and what will change when U-link opens next year.   We tried to give a good overview of the changes, some of the challenges (both technical and political) and the potential benefits for riders.  David’s frequent network proposal also makes a brief appearance. Enjoy!

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Podcast: Developer Taxes and the Minimum Wage

Martin regrets that circumstances forced him to use a microphone that makes listening to him even more unpleasant than usual.

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UPDATE: podcast link fixed

Podcast: ST3 Options

Martin and I took some time to record a podcast this week.  Topics include:

You can find the podcast feed here if you’re inclined to subscribe, although I can’t promise when another episode will appear.