North by Northwest 39: What Congestion Relief Looks Like

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(Full size of i-sustain graphic)

Came across this content today from i-sustain showing clearly how 200 people would take 177 cars stretching a long way on 5 lanes of traffic (35+ rows of vehicles) or three buses.  Or with some standing up, one light rail train.

In early 2012, “i-SUSTAIN conceived and organized the Commuter Tookit Photo Shoot to get the images for the Commuter Toolkit poster and associated website. The photo shoot involved shutting down a main downtown Seattle street for several hours early on a Sunday morning to set up the photo shoot with hundreds of volunteers.”  Still a powerful piece of transit photography several years later.

Folks, we have one political party representing a side of the aisle that sure talks a lot about “congestion relief”.  Said political party might put up a fight to ST3 & Community Transit’s local option.  Let’s remind all legislators what congestion relief actually looks like, muscle any & all roadblocks out of the way, and let’s get ST3 & Community Transit on the ballot.

Let’s resolve in 2015 to show the truth that if you want congestion relief, please support your local mass transit providers.  Thank you.