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Seattle Transit Blog is 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that covers transit news for the the greater Seattle area. The blog also focuses on density and the urban form, and other forms of alternative transportation like bicycling and walking. Below is an introduction to everyone who’s ever had a byline at Seattle Transit Blog, since its inception in April 2007.

In no case are the staff writers below writing on behalf of their employers. All posts only reflect the views of the listed author.

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Guest contributors

We frequently accept guest contributions by authors from all walks of life that meet our editorial standards.  Political Leaders, Transit Agency staff, and various activists and experts have written pieces here:

  • Seattle Mayors Greg Nickels, Mike McGinn, and Ed Murray
  • Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland
  • State Representatives Marko Liias and Joe Fitzgibbon
  • King County Councilmembers Joe McDermott and Larry Gossett
  • Seattle City Councilmembers Sally Bagshaw, Tim Burgess, Richard Conlin, Lisa Herbold, Rob Johnson, Tom Rasmussen, and Peter Steinbrueck
  • Bellevue City Councilmember John Chelminiak
  • Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff
  • Metro General Manager Kevin Desmond
  • Metro Director of Service Development Victor Obeso
  • Sound Transit executive Ric Ilgenfritz
  • former SDOT official Andrew Glass-Hastings
  • the combined Seattle Transportation advisory boards
  • former State Transportation Commissioner Virginia Gunby
  • Seattle City Council Candidates Brad Meacham and Joshua Newman
  • onebusaway developers Brian Ferris and Caitlin Bonnar
  • Seattle Transit Riders Union organizer Katie Wilson
  • Rainier Valley Post editor Amber Campbell
  • Downtown Seattle Association president Jon Scholes,
  • the boards of nonprofit organizations Seattle Subway and Cascadia Rail
  • Commute Seattle director Jonathan Hopkins
  • Capitol Hill Housing’s Joel Sisolak
  • Transportation Choices Coalition staff members Andrew Austin and Hester Serebrin

There are also guest pieces by private citizens Anton Babadjanov, Josh Benaloh, Ross Bleakney, Tim Bond, Ben Broesamle, Alex Broner, Charles Cooper, Ricky Courtney, Robert Cruickshank, Aleksandra Culver, Ann Dasch, Joan Devraun, Al Dimond, Arthur Donby, Mark Dublin, Kona Farry, Eric Feiveson, Stephen Fesler, Matt Fewins, Jeremy Fichter, Kevin Futhey, Tom Gibbs, Neil Greenberg, Vlad Gutman-Britten, Jeff Hammerquist, Brad Haverstein, Bernie Hayden, KJ Hiramoto, Fa’aumu Kaimana, Chris Karnes, Dan Kostelec, Joe Konzlar, Keith Kyle, Alon Levy, Will Lisska, Matt Loar, Jason Lu, Tim McCall, Wes Mills, Chad Newton, Mike Orr, Guy Palumbo, Jason Rogers, Kyle Rowe, David Seater, Jason Shindler, Mike Skehan, Sarah Snider, Renee Staton, Zach Stednick with Michael Logsdon, John Stewart, Carl Stork, Steve “Fnarf” Thornton, Calvin Tonini, Jack Valko, Jake Vanderplas, Shane Valle, Garrett Wedam, Jim Whitehead, Kate Whiting, Jonathon Morrison Winters, Ben Woosley, Eric Wright, and Lu Zeng.

People interested in writing for the blog can save wasted effort by reading our guest post guidelines.