News Round Up

I’ve moved and I don’t have the Internet at home yet, so I won’t be able to post all these in their own post, but each is worth a post, so check them out.

  • The City Council wants to to provide increased zoning for developerswho build with affordable housing or benefits to the neighborhood. The article mentions huge up-zones near light rail stations, as tall as 15 or even 20 stories. I think density near stations makes tons of sense, though I think incentive zoning is screwy. I suggest: don’t bother with incentives, just up the zoning and make them build affordable housing no matter what.
  • Tukwila is already planning to build something huge next to their Light Rail station.
  • Dow Constantine and Larry Phillips have an op-ed in the West Seattle Herald urging those in West Seattle to vote yes on Prop. 1.
  • The Car-Free Sunday was a hit. Did anyone go?
  • The State’s Road builders are out of money, so they may look to private partnerships.