A New Seahawks Parking Option

The Port of Seattle is offering a section of the airport parking garage at half price before Seahawk games.  Between 8am and 1pm tomorrow, parking in this section will be $2 an hour.

As Tukwila’s lot always overflows, this is a good bet if you don’t want to drive into the Rainier Valley and park at one of many private lots, or simply park on the street for free.  As no media outlet but this one has spent any effort on publicizing the parking available all along the line, this will probably turn out to be a popular option.

Holiday News Roundup

Photo by "Hong Kong, dear Edward"

What’s Ahead in 2010

"More RapidRide buses in the boneyard", by Oran

2009 was a red-letter year in Greater Seattle’s transit history, but there are some things to look forward to in 2010:

  • In June, the long-awaited opening of RapidRide Line A, from Federal Way to Tukwila/International Blvd. Station.
  • Starting today, Metro fares go up a quarter and transfer policies change.  By the end of the year the physical PugetPass will have disappeared.
  • A Seattle-only rail measure may go to the ballot in November.
  • A major revision to Southwest King County bus service in February, including the end of the 194.
  • A USDOT decision on the TIGER grant in February could cut years off the opening of Link’s S. 200th St. Station.
  • The first two rounds of “low-impact reductions” to Metro service occur in February and September.
  • Metro starts installing a new communications system — to include GPS — in the third quarter, with completion in 2011.
  • Hopefully, next train signs start working at Link stations in January.
  • The Sound Transit Board makes a final decision on the East Link alignment in March.
  • Route 542, from Redmond to NE 65th St (Seattle) via the U-District, begins October 4th, at 5:45am.