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This morning I planned on taking transit to the airport, my normal means of getting there.  But it turns out that Sunday morning service is terrible.  Searching at 5am for ways of getting to the airport, I found there was a bus at 4:10, and the next one wasn’t until 6:10.  “That’s fine” I say “I’ll just take a taxi to the bus tunnel”.  But then I look up Link hours, and they don’t start running until 6:20.  So a $45 taxi to the airport it is.

When I arrive at the airport, the drop-off area is packed.  We have to wait several minutes in the line to drop off along with countless other taxis.  I ask the driver about this, and he says it’s the same every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at this time when the cruise ships are in town, and continues until at least 8am.

I understand the desire to minimize costs by keeping the hours of service to those that are well used.  But that’s a whole lot of taxi trips that probably wouldn’t happen if we extended Link at least an hour on Sunday mornings.

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  1. That doesn’t make any sense, Matt… Link doesn’t run to where the cruise ships are. And many of those older cruise passengers are not about to haul their luggage onto Link.

  2. You have your stereotypes and I have mine. A few days before this I arrived home at the airport at around midnight (man I travel too much). The escalator near baggage check was broken, and a maintenance worker was directing passengers to the elevator to get to Link. I realized last minute I needed to check my e-mail, so I sat on the ground outside the mid level of the elevator. I can’t tell you how many old couples and families asked what direction the light rail was (there’s no sign outside of the elevators, and it isn’t obvious which way to go).

    Would I assume old couples and families from who-knows-where-USA would take the last Link past midnight (they played a useful announcement at 12:05 telling us this was the last train), in a strange city? No. But there they were. My point is that a large potential ridership is showing up in taxis before Link runs, with their trip originating in Seattle. Would it hurt to at least try out earlier trains for a while?

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