Possible Queen Anne-Madrona restructure

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  1. I see there haven’t been more comments about the southern legs of these routes.

    Route 2S: Lots of people ride Route 2 to/from the stop at 3rd Ave/Pine Street. Ending it away from the Westlake activity seems unfair to the many residents who shop or go to the doctor/dentist near that stop. If the time isn’t too punitive, a loop that connects the Westlake District and something close to the ferries would be ideal for these riders. Another option would be to through-route 2S with another route.

    Route 2S: The 12th/Madison “bow-tie” delay is clever, but it’s painfully slow! It takes about 3-4 minutes for the buses to go only about four blocks. Some better traffic management with transit in mind is badly needed between 10th and 14th.

    Routes 2S/3S: The eastern termini of these routes is unfortunate in that there is often not a reason to have “out-of-direction” travel for many of the users. It seems silly to have buses that are standing-room only at Broadway yet mostly empty at MLK. At the very least, the 3S could loop to idle at Grocery Outlet, which has much more potential activity than Madrona’s commercial district.

    A variation: I sometimes think that service on Route 3 could be increased, and Route 2 could be split at 23rd or MLK, with half running to Madrona Beach and half to go south to Mount Baker or at least to the I-90 station (note that East Link will exit to 23rd when opened).

    Finally: The sooner low floor trolley buses get on these corridors the better! The wheelchair lifts are constantly going. There are lots of riders with walkers, wheelchairs or grocery carts, and I would guess that at least 1/3 of all trips have extra delay because of it. Going with a low-floor design is going to save several minutes! This is especially true between Broadway and Westlake.

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