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Three new additions on the Flickr page:

1 KINNEAR (1975)

4 MONTLAKE (1975)

13 – 19th AVE (1975)

The 1 KINNEAR and 13 – 19th AVE maps show part of the original trolley wiring plan in downtown Seattle.  Inbound from Kinnear Park, the 1 operated on First Avenue to Pike Street, then eastbound on Pike to 5th Avenue and then east on Spring Street to 9th Avenue where the 1 would then continue as either the 12 E. CHERRY/26th AVE. S. (today’s 3/4 routes) or the 13 – 19th AVE. (today’s 12).   From First Hill to Kinnear Park, the 1 ran westbound on Madison Street to 6th Avenue, then north to Union Street and west to First Avenue.

The 4 MONTLAKE  is the predecessor of today’s route 43.  By 1975, the 4 MONTLAKE had been dieselized, but it retained its trolley era routing in downtown Seattle.  The 4 usually arrived in downtown Seattle from Queen Anne Hill/Seattle Center East via 3rd Avenue.  After making a left turn off 3rd Avenue at Pike Street, the 4 MONTLAKE followed Pike all the way to Madison Street and then 23rd Avenue East to Montlake and the University District.  The 4’s University District terminal was right next to the future Link station at 45th & Brooklyn.

In 1975, the 4 MONTLAKE was the only one-seat ride between Capitol Hill/First Hill and the University of Washington.  With weekday headways  in the 20 to 30 minute range, it suggests that Capitol Hill wasn’t as popular an area for student living as it is today.  Also, the 48 – 23rd AVENUE EAST route had started service in the late 1960s to offer service between the University District/Montlake and the Central District.

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  1. Nice finds! I should probably look into finding old CT schedules and maps, if the local libraries even have them.

  2. These are great!

    FYI, you can embed Flickr images into posts simply by pasting the URL into your post. WordPress will convert it into an image.

    1. Thanks, Martin sent me some tech tips this weekend–I’ll see if I can incorporate all your expertise into my next posts. Next timetable will likely be the first edition of the 8 Queen Anne-Capitol Hill.

  3. A bit of trivia on the 4-Montlake schedule:

    There is a note in the schedule that the bus travelled along University Way to NE 50th St on evenings and weekends. The reason for this was that, as early as 1973 (in my recollection), the 4 was combined with the 8-Ravenna during those times. So the bus would start out Downtown as a 4 toward the U-District, then continue on as an 8 to the end of that route.

    And, thank you for sharing these timetables. In my middle school and high school years (1974-1980) i would collect complete sets of the Metro timetables. Occasionally I would get to use them on rides, but more frequently, would take trips around the city and county in my mind using the timetables as guides. Aah, the pre-Internet years. I regret having lost them all between then and now.

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