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See, North by Northwest (NbyN) Zero Five on Island Transit is currently being built and production resources for Zero Five are being taken from NbyN Zero Three on Amtrak Cascades being such a wonderful service.  But once you see & hear Zero Five with all the intel products, you’ll understand why.

What’s Zero Four you might ask – well that’ll be all about Paine Field.  Waiting on an e-mail sent to yesterday with the subject line, “Question Re: Route Planning Input”.  Hopefully by posting here I’ll get Community Transit to reply to my e-mail in a timely manner (i.e. less than 24 hours Monday thru Friday).

So I shall make this a request line.  What would you me to tell you about – like perhaps how useful the Seafair shuttle was or how Skagit Transit is getting along or a 1,000 word rant on Washington State Ferries?  You tell me.  This Island Transit fiasco cannot be my only focus – it’d be too depressing.

Requests Please.

3 Replies to “Since North by Northwest ZERO THREE Is Going to be a Day Late”

  1. I just saw your series. Thanks for the articles. I don’t have any suggestions at the moment. Anything you write about Everett or the northern counties I’ll be interested in reading. What about other routes besides the connectors, or how is Bellingham transit doing?

    1. Mike;

      You’re welcome and many thanks for your support.

      Absolutely I’d like to cover other routes – like Amtrak Cascades and Skagit Transit routes.

      I’m also going to literally drop a less than 1,000 word rant one of these days on Sounder North. You know, that train run that’s going through freight delays as I type.

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