Page Two articles are from our reader community.

I’m very pleased with the work that I’ve seen here in a short time! Some of you are, no doubt, interested in having your work promoted to the main page. When I see something promising I’ll figure out what needs to change to get promoted, and with your permission I’ll make the edits live right on Page 2, and promote after your final agreement that it’s still in your voice.

Two other things:

  • The Guest Post Guidelines remain an excellent resource for writing style and content that STB is likely to showcase. Basic English composition skills always help; if this is not your strong suit, feel free to put stuff in draft and I can take a look at it (if you’re targeting an STB main page post).
  • Our policy on main page posts remains real names for authors. If it really isn’t a big difference to you, using your real name in your byline is one less step between Page 2 and Page 1. So feel free to switch your byline to your real name if you’re so inclined.

Note also that although we’re not going host your media, you’re strongly encouraged to embed images and video of your own, or from the public domain. Our Flickr pool and wikimedia are good sources for images to spice up a post.

If you are more than happy to remain on Page 2 that’s great as well.

4 Replies to “Page 2 Author Tips”

  1. Okay Martin,

    Many thanks for the tips. I certainly do welcome any input I can get as I spend I’d say 2-4 hours a day on this project. The latter when I’m working to get info out of transit agencies.

    I really hope my Amtrak Cascades & my upcoming Paine Field posts are worthy of Main Page postings. I don’t think the Island Transit stuff is ready for the promotion just yet – you tell me, you’re the Editor-In-Chief.


  2. I did attempt. When I registered I got a code by e-mail, but it said the registration code is invalid. Should I attempt again? I can log in just fine, but it does not say I have sufficient permissions to post new materials.

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