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I pick this quote because about 10 years ago, I was talking to the British Counsul General about Tony Blair and getting his autograph.  The Consul General taught me this phrase, a phrase I believe applies to Oak Harbor Mayor Scott Dudley and his forces as they begin to save Island Transit.  I also pick this phrase for another reason… and am happy the Scots will likely as of posting remain British.

So getting back to STB’s mission here are some rapid-fire updates on the crisis building in Island Transit:

  • Earlier this week in a resounding, refreshing development the Oak Harbor City Council and the Oak Harbor Mayor quit their infighting and came together to send Mayor Scott Dudley to fight “scary” Island Transit mismanagement.  You can watch the video HERE.
  • Tomorrow morning at 0930 Island Transit will have a board meeting at their HQ (Agenda with address of meeting site).  I have a situation at a new job very likely keeping me away from this community confrontation.
    Please stay calm everybody and if you do sortie please keep your anger at home, realize the best six inches you got is your brain to paraphrase Marine General Mattis, and stand together – we are NOT Citizens Obviously Egregiously Repugnant jackrabbits who get their rocks off telling people to “bring your anger” to public meetings.
  • Apparently Island Transit Executive Director Martha Rose is in for one rough ride after a letter she sent Island Transit Board Members today with these statements:
    • “It was pretty obvious to see that the budget deficit shocked you all. That certainly wasn’t the intent. We have been finding so many errors. Just Monday of last week we discovered that there were two entries for a single grant entered into the budget; in other words, twice the amount we really have/had.”
    • “Unfortunately, the files for the facilities project, as well as the files for the accountability audit were/are a disaster; nothing had been filed correctly; files have been found in archive documents that are not archive documents. We continue to be shocked with what we’re discovering and we’re completely mystified. The audit book that historically has kept all the information we know the SOA will ask for during the audit for the given year, was not done. “
    • “Unfortunately for the single audit on the Facilities Project, we have been unable to locate the back-up documentation for the prevailing wage checks on vendors. Joe Anastasi, through a contract with URS, was responsible for doing all that work. I reviewed those documents with Joe during the time he was here so I know that they physically exist. When Joe passed, some of the boxes he used and filled up (Joe was fantastic!) were turned over to Gary Hess and the rest of Joe’s boxes are ‘somewhere’ with URS at their Seattle offices. I have repeatedly asked URS but no one is able to find those particular documents. Part of the URS contract included an individual with URS who was charged with the responsibility of verifying that the Contractor submitted certified payroll and reviewing that the prevailing wage requirements were met. We have hounded both Gary and URS for those documents but nothing has come forward since. I am sure that we will get a finding for this lack of documentation. URS states in their documents that they practice a ‘No Surprise’ policy. We were surprised.”
  • Finally and most importantly a group of patriots is coming together to put together a posse to deal with the mismanagement of Island Transit.  You can check them out on Facebook and note how Bill Burnett of is calling for Island Transit’s elimination.  You’ve been forewarned folks…

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  1. I think the state audit should recommend Martha Roth should quite working for Island Transit since she has mismagnment money.

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