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It looks like Bogota may copy Medellin’s concept of putting community amenities at gondola stations.  These include libraries, community centers, police stations, medical clinics, theaters and other community amenities that the neighborhoods needed anyway.  Although this adds* to the apparent cost of a gondola line, it spreads out the reach of these community resources, and gives some cost savings in combining two projects into one.

I think a similar strategy would be a great idea for the Queen Anne – SLU – Capitol Hill line.  The Capitol Hill station would connect to a light rail station and the Queen Anne station would land in one of Seattle’s largest amenities.  But South Lake Union is a new and quickly growing neighborhood without any amenities at all.  It could use a school, a library, or a community center.

And I should add that this strategy could also be useful for other forms of transit.  It would have been nice to add something on top of the Beacon Hill station, for example.

* This is an understatement.  “Only 6-7 % of the total cost of the Metrocable went to the transit system and infrastructure itself.”