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Just do it.  Do not delay and if you need an endorsement list, I got one.

Think this doesn’t matter?  Well then be apathetic in a midterm and get what you deserve Election Night with the same silence you showed on Election Day.  At the very bottom I will post links to ballot drop boxes in Puget Sound counties.  But first, the endorsements:

At a national level, important Congressional Districts need your vote.  Here are my picks and why:

Congressional District 2, Rick Larsen (D): Congressman Rick Larsen is a reliable pro-transit voice, having been there to get our fair share of federal funding for Washington State Ferries, been there in defending our transit infrastructure and even been there in helping Community Transit’s Swift Bus Rapid Transit get started.  His opponent is a class act through and through but sadly the US House of Representatives is a seniority club – not a meritocracy.  Personally I hope B.J. Guillot – although an excellent debater is lacking a position on transit – will get the name recognition from his efforts and run again when Representative Larsen retires.

Congressional District 3, Jaime Herrera Beutler (R): I think frankly the last thing we transit advocates need is another transportation boondoggle to deal with in our state that would have been on par with Bertha, been too low for Columbia River barge traffic and already taken money away from genuinely pressing transit goals.  Congresswoman Herrera Beutler helped pressure if not lead the way in slaying the CRC boondoggle for now and has earned one more term.  For helping impugn the monstrosity that was the Columbia River Crossing project while her opponent Bob Dingethal publicly supports the Columbia River Crossing I-5 Bridge Replacement Project and for being a Republican, AvgeekJoe endorsement for again one more term.

Now for the State Senate, I will just say this: I am of the view Washington needs a Senate Majority Coalition to keep a lid on taxes and make sure the political left cannot run wild.  If we had a Republican House and Republican Governor, I hope I would feel the same way.  When it comes to transit, I sure hope Republicans get their heads around the fact if we’re going to win in the suburbs and not have to make deals with wobbly Democrats-In-Name-Only Republicans are going to have to accept transit & make a case for Republican management of transit.  I am also of the view the new taxes in the name of “climate change” if imposed may scare away just enough voters from ST3 to sink it so we transit advocates in a genuine damned-for-going-Democrat, damned-for-going-Republican here so you have to decide between Door D of Climate Taxes and ST3 failing at the polls and Door R of Worst Case Scenario no ST3 & no transportation package.

The STB Senior Editorial Board has made many endorsements in regard to the State Senate.  One in particular I support enthusiastically – namely Democrat Marko Lilias.  Considering his opponent didn’t get back to me to clarify “Use Public/Private Partnerships to fund transportation infrastructure; end inefficient public transit monopolies by allowing private companies to bid for services?”, that increases fears this is about more than having a private operator of public transit systems.  Furthermore Liias will be “championing ST3″, “voting for more state and local funding” for transit and fight for light rail to service Paine Field.  His opponent is awkwardly silent on all of those.  Hence the AvgeekJoe endorsement for leadership.

As to the State House, here’s the final list (I’m merging the STB Senior Editorial Board & mine):

As to county races, I’ll just be acute:

  • Island County Commissioner, Rick Hannold (R): is the only candidate with a plan and an interest to work with with Oak Harbor Mayor Scott Dudley in saving Island Transit.
  • Kitsap County Auditor, Dolores Gilmore (D): Her Republican opponent sat on the Island Transit Board as Island Transit imploded.  Need I say anything more except “Payback time“?


Please make sure you fill out your ballot without delay and if you can – get that ballot to a drop box box by 8 PM tomorrow the 4th of November.  It’s the least you can do – a lot of brave people, from suffragists to soldiers to SEAL Team Six risked their lives for love of American democracy.

As they said on “The West Wing”: “Decisions are made by those who show up!”  Now go do one of your more easier patriotic duties if you haven’t already.

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