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Two updates:

  1. Looks like Island Transit on Friday will have an interim director in Kenneth J. Graska according to multiple sources.  Although his past service at Community Transit was controversial, it appears he learned from his mistakes there and has been a successful transit exec ever since.  With an Island Transit Board many – including I – think needs to go, skepticism is abound.
  2. On Thursday the 20th at 1 PM, the State Senate Transportation Committee has invited the State Auditor’s Office to present their findings into Island Transit’s finances to the committee.  Kelly Simpson, a staffer with the Senate Transportation Committee confirmed there will be no public comment on the presentation.  However, will likely cover the presentation.

4 Replies to “North by Northwest 31: Island Transit Updates…”

  1. This is an open letter to Mr. Graska. I could not attend the meet and great for the candidates for the interim executive director for Island Transit. People with jobs have a hard time making events scheduled during normal working hours. Although I am certain the lobby for the meet and great was crowded so the custom handmade furniture probably had to be moved or hidden with the lamps and extra refrigerator. I know Mr. Graska has a checkered past and has been accused of a “bullying” style of management along with questions of bribes and kickbacks but Island Transit is beyond any such nonsense and Bob Clay believes your answers to difficult questions were enough to persuade the Board of Directors to look beyond anything questionable, they have practice at looking beyond anything questionable placed in front of them. But they did the questioning behind closed doors in one of the conference rooms without the public to observe the intense interview process. To the point now that you are here:
    1. Are you going to restructure the current management staffing? Do you feel two full time employees are needed in the Information Technology department at $10,500.00 per month in payroll plus company provided vehicles? Or can some sort of cut back come here?
    2. Does the Road Support need a manager/supervisor and four people in this department? I imagine the payroll and company provided vehicles, which they drive home, could be cut to save some of the budget. Or do you think since they already have them why try to save anything?
    3. How many mechanics are needed, if the routes have been cut and drivers laid off why were two more mechanics hired during this process of letting other employees go? Do the two latest mechanics have benefits provided for them as drivers with years of employment have had their benefits cut completely? Do you believe this is just?
    4. How are you going to supervise the filed lawsuit for the mechanic who was terminated for “raising his voice” although the recorded tape clearly shows this did not happen?
    5. And most importantly, is the homemade jam the administrative staff made using the elaborate kitchen going to be made available to the public? Or is this just more of we do what we want and no one can tell us how we use Island Transit and all of the facilities to suit ourselves?

  2. At least they hired someone who has transportation experience to run the place. Best of luck for Mr. Graska to try and turn this mess around. You are going to need it.

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