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This week, Community Transit celebrated five years of Swift Bus Rapid Transit service to Snohomish County.  In fact, on 30 November 2009, Bus Rapid Transit came to Washington State thanks to Community Transit’s efforts.

Bus Rapid Transit came to Washington State via local funding and congressional assistance from Representative Rick Larsen to give Community Transit a 30 percent travel time reduction and dramatically increased ridership.  Try 125,000 per month.

Before Swift, there was no announcement when the next bus would arrive.  Nor would paying before boarding be a requirement.  Nor a seamless ride between Everett and the rest of Snohomish County.  All of that changed when Swift arrived.  According to one Swift operator on the Community Transit Blog, “Knowing how we had planned to run this service, it is nice to see that it is working almost exactly as we planned. Higher ridership than expected, so soon after launch.  We estimated 2500 boardings per day at the end of the first year of service. We reached 3200 boardings after only six months, and now we are around 4100. The overall perception is that Swift is unquestionably faster than driving a private vehicle.”  I’d recommend reading the whole thing.

Now that Swift is so popular, efforts are underway to build a 2nd Swift line.  Community Transit blogged they will need additional tax authority & federal grants to make Swift II happen from the Boeing plant down Airport Road, past Swift I into Mill Creek & Bothell.

Finally, for those of you that take selfies – take one on a Swift bus and win a free Swift scarf!  No seriously – go here!!

Programming note: An Island Transit update plus a < 500 word editorial is due by 0001 Hours Sunday, probably a lot sooner.  But a lot of data has landed on my hard drive for me to read… not to mention some personal situations for me to put in the rear view mirror.

Also why did I procrastinate on this acute Swift piece?  I love Swift!  I think Skagit Transit could use Swift technology on some of its routes.

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  1. If the mess on 128th on both sides of I5 is not solved the line will crawl. They should just go up to 112th and to hwy 99 , and bypass 128th.

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