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It’s been about a year that I’ve been writing up North by Northwest and time to hand in the keys.

Truth be known, we are at a logical point of conclusion and I’ve let it be known in some of my writing I’m a bit Grumpy.  Island Transit may have financially rebounded from the brink; but Island Transit’s cultural flaw of disregarding public input to do things to ridership not withridership continues unabated.  It is clear now the Future of Flight’s transit needs will be resolved long-term, best worked behind the scenes with my continued leadership.  I also understand Skagit Transit is looking into a portable bathroom for the Chuckanut Park & Ride.  Between those three causes, I turned to Seattle Transit Blog for help and what could have been a lonely year was not.

However, the last thing we need as transit advocates is instability and incivility in our ranks as we near the 2016 election cycle.  I was about to throttle back if not step away in a few weeks anyway.  That said, the transit photography will continue, I will comment occasionally and I will keep fighting for the Future of Flight out of loyalty to my friends who work there.

I do wish the transit community could please stop sniping at each other and work to improve transit service for all, full stop.  The last thing we need is to create opportunities to divide and conquer so nobody gets transit service.  We need Sound Transit 3 and Community Transit to pass to get the proper transit connectivity for the Puget Sound.

I also should thank Washington State Transit Association’s Geri Beardsley, Island Transit’s Robyn Goldring, Sound Transit’s Geoff Patrick & Kimberly Reason and Community Transit’s Jan McBride & Martin Munguia for your invaluable help with helping me educate the public.  Keep communicating!

I need to conclude with this thought: To the gladiators in the arena I’ve came in contact with like Martin H. Duke, Frank Chiachiere, Ben Schiendelman, Emmett Heath, Sabrina Popa, Sandy Ward, Carolyn C. Chase, Rep. Dave Hayes and yes Bob Pishue – I salute you.  It’s one thing to sit back and write whatever with a silly handle – it’s another matter of integrity entirely to be leading the public conversation on transit, face forward.  Keep leading from the front.

3 Replies to “A Final Note From Mr. North by Northwest”

    1. Thanks much, Joe, for giving some of us who live more central-by-northwest useful insight into the issues and problems up to the north. Hope you won’t fall too silent.

      A blog like STB will, and should, have disagreement – we don’t learn much in an echo chamber. But, as you say, it’s much more useful if the disagreement is respectful (and intelligent).

      1. Oh I won’t be silent buddy…

        I’m helping lead a mass launch/Elephant Walk for 21 July at the Island County Commissioners. Already tipped off SounderBruce… call it raging against the darkness, call it showing once again Island Transit’s meetings about the 411 standdowns are a sham and not proper public input, call it getting on TeeVee, call it one last airshow of “Going Newsbrooke”… take your pick.

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