Meanwhile, in a far and distant land… the poor, the workers & transport for London

I would encourage ST readers to visit the web page of The Guardian of September 21, where there appears a report under the title “Looming London Transport crisis ‘risks sparking riots’ says TfL chief”:

Sir Peter Hendy, the Transport Commissioner of London has stated that without significant improvements in transport access at affordable fares that political and social unrest may occur.  The story is more complicated than that, but I bring it to our collective attention in the context of our own service curtailments and fare increases in relation to where the working poor of Seattle may be able to reside.

I should note that the rest of England (even more, the rest of the (still) United Kingdom regards the reports of London’s transport problems with some hostility.  The columns of several British papers keep returning to the impacts of high fares, and over-crowded transport services.