Bus Chick on the Bus

I see that the P-I’s own transit blogger, “Bus Chick” (a.k.a. Carla Saulter) is now gracing the side of selected metro buses.  I noticed it on the 42 this morning, but didn’t have a camera handy.  Luckily Flickr pool superstar Oranviri had my back:

Those of you have been to our meetups will agree that it’s far better that Metro go with Carla’s face than any of the STB guys. :-)

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  1. I’d like to see her on the side of the 48 shrugging and saying “At least it’s here, right?”

  2. And she’s got a kid too…super cool urban chick!

  3. Transit Friend says:

    I’ve met her, and she’s terrific. (And even better looking in real life!)

  4. Haha yeah I agree. I like all of metro’s new marketing. It is all very coherent and is helping to build a very good brand image.

  5. Michael P says:

    It makes me smile every time i see her face inside or on the side of a bus.

  6. It’s nice to have a picture in a transit ad of someone who uses transit. I always found transit ads with photos of models rather silly. Even though, gotta say Carla works well as a model, a beautiful person she is. :)

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