Bus Chick on the Bus

I see that the P-I’s own transit blogger, “Bus Chick” (a.k.a. Carla Saulter) is now gracing the side of selected metro buses.  I noticed it on the 42 this morning, but didn’t have a camera handy.  Luckily Flickr pool superstar Oranviri had my back:

Those of you have been to our meetups will agree that it’s far better that Metro go with Carla’s face than any of the STB guys. :-)


  1. AJ says

    I’d like to see her on the side of the 48 shrugging and saying “At least it’s here, right?”

  2. Transit Friend says

    I’ve met her, and she’s terrific. (And even better looking in real life!)

  3. Adam P says

    Haha yeah I agree. I like all of metro’s new marketing. It is all very coherent and is helping to build a very good brand image.

  4. says

    It’s nice to have a picture in a transit ad of someone who uses transit. I always found transit ads with photos of models rather silly. Even though, gotta say Carla works well as a model, a beautiful person she is. :)

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