More Photos from U-Link Breakthrough

The album above is a selection of the photos I took today at the Second University Link breakthrough at the future Capitol Hill Station. My only camera is an SLR, so I couldn’t shoot video, and unfortunately, I didn’t have my tripod on hand, so these photos can’t quite be made into an animation, but I hope they convey a sense of what happened. Also, some great photos over at the Seattle PI. Enjoy!


  1. Andrew Smith says:

    Bruce, these are amazing. Thank you!

  2. Lindsey Wasson--Seattle PI says:

    Thanks for the plug Bruce :)

  3. Jason Mitchell says:

    A third thanks. Very cool.

  4. lazarus says:

    Was the cutter head on Balto turning counterclockwise (facing the TBM)??? Because the cutter head on Togo turned clockwise. I would have thought that these two TBM’s would be identical – why the change?

    Or am I wrong about this? Because I went looking for a video of the Balto break through and I couldn’t find it.

  5. gloomy gus says:

    That’s a great slideshow – well done and thanks!

  6. Bruce Gray - ST Spokesman says:

    We’re having some “technical difficulties” getting our video up on YouTube but here’s a great video from the Seattle Times today that includes the holethrough at the end.

  7. Gordon Werner says:

    I’m just impressed that they arrived inside of the metal circle thingies that they attached to the wall of the station site

  8. Erik G. says:

    Yawn*, just as I predicted 16 years ago. No significant problems using TBMs in Seattle. Oh but the nay-sayers were out in force back in 1995/1996. Where are they now?

    *The act of tunneling, not the photos…those are awesome.


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