More Photos from U-Link Breakthrough

The album above is a selection of the photos I took today at the Second University Link breakthrough at the future Capitol Hill Station. My only camera is an SLR, so I couldn’t shoot video, and unfortunately, I didn’t have my tripod on hand, so these photos can’t quite be made into an animation, but I hope they convey a sense of what happened. Also, some great photos over at the Seattle PI. Enjoy!


  1. lazarus says

    Was the cutter head on Balto turning counterclockwise (facing the TBM)??? Because the cutter head on Togo turned clockwise. I would have thought that these two TBM’s would be identical – why the change?

    Or am I wrong about this? Because I went looking for a video of the Balto break through and I couldn’t find it.

  2. Gordon Werner says

    I’m just impressed that they arrived inside of the metal circle thingies that they attached to the wall of the station site

  3. Erik G. says

    Yawn*, just as I predicted 16 years ago. No significant problems using TBMs in Seattle. Oh but the nay-sayers were out in force back in 1995/1996. Where are they now?

    *The act of tunneling, not the photos…those are awesome.


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