This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

The Seattle Times sheds more light on the emerging opposition to RTID/ST2 that we noted yesterday.

As the campaign season approaches on a transportation ballot measure, an advocacy group called the Washington Traffic Institute has formed to oppose Sound Transit’s plans to expand light rail.

The group is led by Bill Eager, an engineer; Bruce Nurse, vice president of Bellevue mall developer Kemper Freeman’s organization; and Kathryn Serkes, a public-affairs consultant. At its Web site,, the group argues that rail won’t solve congestion.

Again, the group is hard to take seriously right now, since they’re chock full of out-of-towners and folks interested in resurrecting non-starter solutions like cutting a new freeway (I-605) through the Cascade Foothills. That said, Kemper Freeman has a lot of money and Eastside property, so don’t count them out.