This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

Cascadia Prospectus gets serious:

Ridership is up [on the DC-to-Boston Acela line], according to the article, as business people – wary of endless hassles at Northeast airports – increasingly turn to the comfort of Acela high-speed trains. Meanwhile, folks traveling on this side of the country (from Vancouver, B.C., to Portland, Ore.) are riding old Superliner equipment, while the eight-year-old sleek, highspeed, Spanish-made Talgo equipment is laid up because of cracks in the train sets.

Congress and the Administration need to get serious about funding a national freight and passenger rail system. And they should reward states like California and Washington who have invested hundreds of millions of dollars worth of state transportation funds in partnership with Amtrak – not just the politically well-connected Northeast states that have hardly invested any state or local resources. [emph. in original]

I’m much more interested in seeing the states rewarded by the feds for working together on reliable, frequent 100- to 500-mile routes than I am in seeing the feds themselves pour more money into expensive, transcontinental ones.