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Hey Pierce,

Umm… so, here’s the thing. Let me start out by saying I really like you as a friend. Seriously. And it’s been great being your neighbor for the last 100 years. I really mean that.

But ever since we got engaged by Sound Move in ’95, and married by RTID in ’03, well… I’ve been having second thoughts. It seems like we just don’t have a lot of the same interests anymore.

For instance, I want to build light rail to Redmond and Northgate… and even maybe West Seattle, Ballard, and Federal Way. You’ve got your Tacoma link, sure, but you really don’t seem interested in light rail from Tacoma to Sea-Tac.

Oh yeah… Sea-Tac. She’ll always be our child, and we’ve raised her well. But once the Central Link opens in 2009, well… she’s going to grow a lot closer to me than she is to you. You can still visit her on the weekends, though.

I guess what I’m saying is that I kinda want to build a lot of trains, and right now, because of Sound Transit funding rules, the more trains I want to build the more you have to build, too. And you just don’t seem interested.

So… I think we need to spend some time apart. I’m not saying we can’t get back together again, I just think maybe I’m going through a selfish phase right now. I need to focus on me for a while. I hope you understand.


King County

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