As announced previously, Metro is raising its fares by a quarter for most of its ridership beginning March 1. This isn’t surprising given that the last fare increase was in 2001. What’s mildly annoying is that in each case the increased fare means we have to carry more quarters around, and wait longer for people to root through their pockets. I’d almost prefer if they went straight to $2.00/$2.50.

I suppose I could just buy a more valuable pass, but for obscure reasons related to my commute patterns, the structure of my employer’s subsidy, and the fact that each increment of value must be used 36 times in a month to pay for itself, I find it cheaper to buy the $1.50 PugetPass and top it off with the odd dollar for the $2.50 Sound Transit fare. Now it’ll be three quarters — grrr.

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  1. Ugh I can speak english.

    “Well in just a bit you won’t have to worry about that with the orca system.”

  2. I just want more variation in the tickets. I really wanted a $1.00 ticket for a while, and with the fare increase now I want a $.75 ticket. I try not to do cash, because it becomes a bit of an accounting nightmare..

  3. ncbarnard,

    Yeah, a 75 cent ticket would do the trick. I guess a bunch of 50 and 25 cent ones would at least stop the coin purse in my wallet from exploding.

  4. It’s lame the passes are so much compared to single tickets. In SF, a single far is $1.50, a pass $45. In Seattle it was $1.50, and pass $54. Lame.

    Now it’ll likely be $1.75 and $63

  5. I agree, the cost of the pass system here compared to SF is very different! I wonder if it means that I may get better service to my apartment? If I were a betting man my money would be on the negative side of that equation. One can hope.

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