One period in the bus rider’s life that is pregnant with anticipation is the days before the new schedule comes out. As someone who has two non-ideal transfers to get to work, I’m always hopeful that the schedule will be tweaked in such a way so as to make my life a lot easier.

As someone who also works in a very poorly-served area, I’m also eternally hopeful that the service will get better. The comment period in 2005 about major Eastside service revisions got my hopes up, but as usual Metro planning is opaque when they’re not specifically asking for your opinion.

I’m usually disappointed.

Today the new schedules came out. Check here to see what lines are affected beginning Feb. 9. Sound Transit’s new schedule booklet is available here.


  • Tacoma LINK runs later on weekdays, and with more frequency (and fewer hours) on Sundays.
  • Rte 248 replaces the part of Rte 540 east of Kirkland, and extends to Avondale Rd.
  • Rte 221 is a new Route from Eastgate to Education Hill (Redmond) via 148th Ave.
  • Routes 8 and 70 have more frequent service to SLU, thanks to some of the employers in the area.

2 Replies to “New Bus Schedules”

  1. Yeah, I am pumped about the 8 and 70, but with the new streetcar, I have been avoiding the bus like the plague to make my transfer. It is really good to hear though, especially because the 70 and 8 are packed in the evenings. Oh by the way I have a new favorite saying…Pregnant with anticipation. That is a good one.

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