This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

I’m going to propose a theory of what may be in the heads of our civic leaders. Tell me if I’m an insane dreamer.

* The city killed the waterfront trolley.
* The city killed the waterfront trolley again.
* The mayor may want a city tax for in-city transit.
* The city has proposed a streetcar system.
* This streetcar system oddly lacks a waterfront streetcar.
* There’s been a proposal to not replace the Viaduct, but instead move people using a “thousand little fixes”.
* We could really use West Seattle transit to the city.
* We could really use transit from Ballard to the city.
* They’re reinforcing the highway 99 tunnel to withstand earthquakes.

What if they replaced the viaduct… with a streetcar? Perhaps they’ve already made the decision to do this, but don’t want to tell anyone about it until they gather support for reducing/removing car traffic on this part of 99.

It could run from scenic Alki, through the tourist filled waterfront, into the tunnel and past the Seattle Center and Queen Anne over the Aurora Bridge and down the hill to eclectic Fremont, ending in Ballard. It would connect many of the tourist-attracting areas of Seattle with one line, solve transportation issues, connect to downtown, stop at all of the cruise and ferry piers, and could even be traffic-separated for a long portion of its journey.

It wouldn’t be for commuters (though it could be used as such). It would be for travelling around in our city in an enjoyable and scenic way.

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