We’re being given instructions now. I’ll lay these out simply.

  • We have a huge table-sized map of Puget Sound to work with. It has half-inch gridlines, and is color coded to show land inside the urban growth boundary, rural land, military/reservation land, forest/protected land, and certain identified growth areas and industrial zones.
  • We have legos representing people and jobs – 5 million people (obviously one lego represents more than one person) and 3 million jobs. Those legos have to be arranged on this map, preferably in the gridlines, to show our ideas about where people should live and work.
  • There’s also yarn, blue and red, to represent (respectively) transit and road corridor improvements.

The idea is to put everything together to match our ideal regional design. There’s a facilitator and a recorder at each of the 32 tables. I’m going to go there now.

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