(Above: Table 26, one with fairly low carbon emissions – I previously stated that this was the lowest, but that was in error.)

Greg Nickels just said that as Sound Transit Board chair (which he is this year), he intends to put a project on the ballot this year. That is subject to a vote by the board first, of course, but with the chair behind it, perhaps we’ll get it!

The panel discussion is ending with some of the ideas that we’ve been pointing out here at SeaTrans for the last year: We have more people coming every year, especially in the coming three decades. We have plans on the books for expanding our transportation network and channeling growth into pedestrian-friendly, dense development, and we need to execute those plans. We have needed rail infrastructure since 1968. We have needed to replace major roadways for a decade, and some of those are ready to crumble. The EPA is making it clear to us that we need to better handle stormwater. We need higher education investment in Everett; we need affordable housing.

It’s basically come time to mature as a region. We’re stuck in traffic, and building more roads is only making that worse, as Mayor Penarosa pointed out. This is the reality check we’re experiencing – we have to put regional planning and infrastructure at the forefront if we’re going to have the kind of future we want.

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  1. Go Nickels!

    Yeah we’re about where the Bay Area was in the 1950s/1960s when they built bart, put in several more universities and started to plan around their growth.

    The still do have a huge sprawling problem, but at least the suburbs have accepted transit and density.

  2. Hey are they having a presentation of the results today? If so where and when. I want to see it.

  3. The ULI results? I don’t know – I’ll try to find out when I email them.

  4. Gregoire’s comments about on-street parking makes me think she’s spent half her life in sprawling Thurston county strip malls. Which would explain why she throws rhetorical transit bones to Seattle, but support stops there. (same could be said for Seattle entire legislative delegation with one or two exceptions)

    Gregoire’s people need to read this:


    Or, they should sign up for ULI memberships.

  5. max, Gregoire will never know or care about the specifics of urban design. She doesn’t need to – that’s not her job. The fact that she kicked this off at all was pretty decent, and she’s already supporting light rail over the I-5 bridge on the Columbia.

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