Sound Transit is asking your opinion again. 0.4%, 0.5%, 12- and 20-year plans are all on the table. So are both 2008 and 2010 ballot measures.

I’m really skeptical of the actual value of these kinds of self-nominating survey responses, but I figured I’d suggest what I’d heard at the meetup, which is that the 0.4% measure go to the ballot, with an additional 0.1% measure. That maximizes our chance of getting something passed.

Of course, what’d happen is that the 0.4 would fail and the 0.1 pass, leading to more confusion.

More than anything, I just want them to propose whatever their polling tells them has the highest chance of passing. The details aren’t important, because I know that the highest priority segments are the ones that are going to be built, regardless.

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  1. How about a 2-part ballot measure, composed of the Main Question: Should ST levy a 0.4% sales tax increase to fund a package of regional transit improvements? Yes / No

    And the secondary question: If the Main Question is approved by voters, should ST also levy an additional 0.1% sales tax purely to build additional light rail, and without regard to subarea equity? Yes / No

    OK, so that’s not how the questions would actually be worded on the ballot, but I think you catch my drift. Main Question is the basic issue, Secondary Question merely determines the rate, 0.4% or 0.5% (with the added sweetner of keeping the extra 0.1% for light rail only, and unburdened by “subarea equity.”

    Whatcha think, folks? Comments?

  2. Knowing how sloppy voters can be, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if that led to a yes on the 0.1 and a no on the 0.4, which was the point of my half-joke.

    I think punting subarea equity is the kiss of death politically.

  3. As much as I want to see MUCH more light rail/streetcar built, I think 0.4% in 12 years is much more palitable for voters, and the extra 0.1 just doesn’t pack the punch it should. Highline CC? Sorry, but few people in the 3 county area care if it goes there. Tacoma would sound better, but 20 years is way too long than people care to spend that kind of money on.

    Hopefully when Obama is president, he will increase FTA funding and we can get help in getting more built.

    I think 0.4% is something we can get people on board for this year.

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