I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while, but whoa, look at the new Community Transit Route Maps! They’re attractive, clear, and have tons of information. It’s such a substantial improvement over their old maps, which were both hideous and uninformative.

In particular I appreciate the ability to understand how the routes fit into the context of the other routes in the area.

I’d wouldn’t want to have the sparse service that CT provides, but I’m continually impressed with the creativity and resourcefulness they display with limited funding.

11 Replies to “New CT Maps!”

  1. How new are these?
    Because I’ve seen these for quite a while now.
    Or am I missing something even newer?
    But indeed, Metro’s maps are horrible compared to CT’s.

  2. Note the use of a wide palette of colors to enhance their maps. CT’s also using color in their schedules at the bus stops. Metro seems to be stuck using the same style of maps that they’ve been using for at least twenty-five years!

  3. Similarly, Pierce Transit also introduced new route maps a while ago. They’re maps are based on Google Maps. They’re not as good as the custom produced CT maps though.

  4. CT specified all the cool new design elements you see in these maps, but contracted actual design out to King County’s GIS department, since CT doesn’t have those resources in-house. It seems a bit sad to me that Metro has this really great resource available to them yet isn’t using it to improve their public information.

  5. I’m impressed! I hope someday that Metro will figure it out that maps are an important part of service.

  6. Like CT, the regional map you see (all services) is also made by KC Metro’s GIS team. Metro just doesn’t use them to make anything good for themselves, except for the maps you sometimes see on larger stops.

  7. To clarify, CT contracted King County DNRP GIS Center’s Client Services to produce the bus maps, not KC Metro. They were published in February 2007 by CT. KC GIS Client Services has also done work for Sound Transit.

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