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Nice piece on the Prop. 1 campaign’s efforts to ride the Obama wave in the Times, with shout-outs to the boys at STB. Also some national recognition from Matt Yglesias.

Not to be a pain in the ass, but the Times’ accompanying graph has a small error in it. Husky Stadium is part of the blue, University Link extension, not the red, Prop. 1 extension. The map has Brooklyn Station labeled as “Husky Stadium.”

Best comment, from Yglesias’ post:

Sandra Says:
September 22nd, 2008 at 2:46 pm

Re: prop1

Although I no longer live in Seattle I do remember a model very much like this at the Seattle World’s Fair 46 years ago.
The centerpiece was the monorail that was to be expanded to include all communities around Lake Washington.

When I go home to visit I always think of that grand plan while sitting in gridlocked traffice.

Hope they get to it this time around.

Me too, Sandra. Me too.