This has been an item long time coming to Sounder – Instead of the paper signs that are pointless and unreadable with the tint on the windows, new destination signs are in testing on Sounder 1511, Car 303. These will display the destination for the train, like Tacoma or Everett.

I’m not sure what “GE Sounder” means but nevertheless, it is great to finally see these lit up.

4 Replies to “New Sounder Destination Signs”

  1. About time. Every other ST bus (except the Orions) have digital displays, and there’s digital displays inside the cars, so why not destination signs?

    Will trains destined for Seattle display “Seattle” or “King Street,” or will they still say “Tacoma” and “Everett?”

  2. My guess is that it will have the Train Number (1511 for example, and it’s ending destination (Lakewood, Tacoma, King Street, Everett)

  3. Yeah, I think we got rid of the last paper “roller” signs on Metro Trolleys about 10 years ago.
    Welcome to the bigs.

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