The passes are now good for any fare on Metro, Community Transit, Sound Transit, Pierce Transit, Kitsap Transit, and Everett Transit.  The last three are new.

This article provides details, including some interesting background on the UPASS.

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  1. Interesting, so this is in preparation for ORCA integration coming next year.

    Yes! Now I can go exploring Pierce and Kitsap Counties without worrying about having change.

  2. Slightly off topic but why don’t they sell monthly, 3 month and yearly Puget passes with a price advantage for buying longer period passes. i.e. higher percentage discounts the more months you buy in advance.

    You would think they would want to provide incentives to people to buy upfront because that benefits the transit agencies. I’m pretty sure this is commonplace practice in other cities around the world.

    Buying a pass shouldn’t be thought of as just a matter of convenience for the rider, but it benefits all riders if more people have passes and can pay their fares faster getting on or off the bus, and it benefits the agencies because they get more money upfront they can use sooner.

  3. … I remember last year taking Pierce Transit shuttle buses to the Puyallup station (from a satellite parking lot) using my Upass. Most drivers accepted my UPASS, but some needed convincing! LOL! Well now I guess I don’t have to worry about that..

    1. Same can be said for “Mass Transit Now!”. We were sticking flyers in the doors and avoided obscuring the “M” which would make it “Ass Transit Now!”.

      It’s funny Seattle is good at coming up with these kind of names e.g. S.L.U.T.

  4. I was SO EXCITED to hear about this! I am a UW employee who lives in Kitsap, and I commute 100% via public transit. It’s saving me $40+ a month to be able to use my UPass (which I had anyway) on Kitsap transit.

    When I called the UW commuter service office to verify the news, I also asked if there was anything in place for ferry fare, and the guy said “not yet” … so I am keeping an ear out (and my fingers crosse) for that!

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