If you haven’t made your reservations several weeks prior, you’re already too late.. Unless you want a sleeper on the Coast Starlight which is almost also all sold out…There are still SOME seats available on the 26th, 29th and the 30th. Those however WILL GO FAST!

Extra trains are the following

#511 SEA -> PDX 1330 -> 1745 becomes #514 PDX -> SEA 1900 -> 2315
#512 PDX -> SEA 1345 -> 1800 becomes #515 SEA -> PDX 1900 -> 2315

Turkey trains start on November 26 until November 30th

Equipment for the extra trains will be used for the Alki Tours Leavenworth Snow Train in December. There will be private cars on this train, which is a first as well. The trips are pretty much already sold out as well. You’ll find me on the Silver Lariat, December 20th.

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  1. Speaking of trains and Leavenworth, is there any sort of timeline for the completion of Icicle Station? I was hearing last year that Amtrak service would begin by the end of 2008, but I just saw something about the project just being approved LAST WEEK.

    Even though the train departs at an ungodly hour for Seattle in the morning, I’d still much prefer that to taking Trailways in the future.

    1. Some may call her “the queen of pork” but from everything I’ve seen she uses her powers for good rather than evil.

      Some may not like earmarks, but the sad fact is this is the process in place for providing Federal funding for many projects.

    2. Intriguing. I had heard this $294k was supposed to be on the way earlier this year, but according to this the money hasn’t been delivered yet. At least it’s going to get done.

      Thanks for the links, Brian.

      And yes, Sen. Murray has definitely won my vote in 2010 already.

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