This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

The Alaskan Way Viaduct stakeholders committee is getting the sneaking suspicion that it’s being railroaded:

“I’m really, really unhappy the way this is coming to an end,” said stakeholder Vlad Oustimovitch, an architect from West Seattle. “Stage managing is going on to make [the stakeholder group] irrelevant. I’m uncomfortable sitting at this table.”

Last week, the stakeholders were briefed on the economic implications of the eight viaduct plans. The problem is there was no plan for them to review: The economist hadn’t released it.

I don’t have any direct knowledge of what’s going on here, but stakeholder committees are difficult to coordinate. They can be used to genuinely shape a solution, or they can be used as political props to provide cover. Either way, the agencies involved have to really want to include them, and have to bend over backwards to make sure they’re engaged.

If anyone has had direct involvement in the process, I’d love to hear from you, anonymity guaranteed.

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