This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

Via The Overhead Wire, here’s Seattle’s list of “shovel-ready” projects that could theoretically be part of an infrastructure stimulus bill next year, as compiled by the US Conference of Mayors. There are a couple of Amtrak projects in there of interest to us, but most of the big job-creators are road projects. Not bad road projects, though! Good ones, like:

  • building transit lanes on Aurora Ave N
  • transit lanes on Greenwood Ave N
  • the Mercer corridor project
  • replacing widening the Spokane St. Viaduct (which is essential to the surface/transit viaduct replacement)
  • improving the Burke-Gilman trail

I wish we could be like progressive Salt Lake City and be for asking money to fund “five different light rail projects,” but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

Speaking of the Mercer project, Jan Drago and Nick Licata were on Weekday recently debating it. Licata opposes what he calls the gold-plated fix supported by the Mayor, Vulcan, and the majority of council. But he never put a price tag on a cheaper solution. He said we could have bike lanes, improved traffic times, and even straighten out the curves a bit for much less than the $200M the project would cost, but he never gave a number.

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