This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

WSDOT web site, November 2001:

A Unique Community Planning Process
Mayor Paul Schell and Transportation Secretary Doug MacDonald have convened a volunteer leadership team of civic, business, freight, and neighborhood representatives to serve as a sounding board in an expedited process. This process will develop and refine engineering and design solutions for the corridor in parallel with preparation of an environmental impact statement.

Public Involvement
The viaduct planning process involves many opportunities for public participation. This includes public meetings and workshops, community briefings, information materials, and this website. If you would like to schedule a presentation or share your ideas with us, please contact us.

I came across this while doing some research on the bypass tunnel. I had a hazy memory of the bypass tunnel being proposed and discarded several years ago, and indeed it was, part of the 2004 EIS. That version wasn’t “bored,” it was “cut and cover,” but otherwise it was basically the same.